• Fixing Laptops

    A couple weeks ago a "friend" called me up, asking if I could have a look at two Laptops. "Sure, bring them over and I'll see what I can do...or not know.....Laptops. Few days later he dropped them off and I told him to have a look whenever I get the time for it.
    Checking the first one with a Linux live disc showed it was filled up with virusses and trojans of all sorts. Wiped that one, installed a fresh Windows 7 (YES! A legal copy!) on it, then went on to check the other one. This one being a bit more tricky as it just wouldn't boot up. It was making weird noises though, couldn't really tell what exactly it was. But it sounded like either a broken fan or a broken harddrive. So I called him up and told him about the possibilities and he decided it wasn't worth the hassle
    Him: "Just leave it be."
    Me: "Well, considering it's a LAPTOP, considering I am not really sure what the issue a price and I MIGHT keep it for myself."
    Long short story: I ended up buying it for 80,- Euro.

    Opening it up to check the fans:
    2014-04-05 10.46.57
    Now knowing the fans were spinning up properly I ran a couple tests with a linux live disc again and it wouldn't let me access the hdd at all.

    Pulled out the harddrive:
    2014-04-05 10.50.20

    Plugging the harddrive into another pc (confirming it was indeed broken) I hit up amazon and ordered a new one, which arrived a day later:
    2014-04-07 09.37.28

    And there we go:
    2014-04-07 10.04.49

    All set. Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, (now) 500GB hdd, Nvidia graphics. All in all nothing really special, but still something you can VERY WELL work with. And it was dirt cheap too. It is currently running a Mysql database and two DayZ servers, one of which heavily modified.

  • Sapphire Edge HD2

    Many many moons ago I bought one of those. Tiny little puter, just 2 GB of Ram but still powerfull enough to (barely) run games. I used it to play my 3rd account in Vanguard on it. Just fine. After quitting the game there was not much use for that little machine anymore. I planned on using it as a "Car-PC" for the daily trips to Paris, but I soon got a new van which had all kinds of extras, including a USB connection to the radio. That (and the fact that a Nexus 5 or Galaxy S3 can do the Wifi as well) made the "Car-PC" plan go to a waste. So I gave it to my mom who needed a computer ("This one I have is soooo slow."). She usually plays some crosswords game and browses the internet and facebook, so the little machine should do the trick. WRONG!

    1. The crosswords game refuses to run under Windows 7.
    2. The Sapphire Edge refuses to run under Windows XP (plus XP isn't supported anymore anyways).

    So Wiped (my brother) had the idea of installing a virtual machine to get the game going within Windows 7. So far, so good. It works.
    Just...think about it: This tiny little thing heats up quite a bit with the CPU just idling under Windows.
    Now you are running a virtual machine on it. Within that virtual machine you run another full operating system (Win XP), which then runs the game. Guess what? Phone rings..."This thing is slower than the one I had....and it shuts down every so often." I took it back, wipe it, install a small Linux on it, start it up and it shuts down after a couple minutes. Hmmm!?!
    2014-07-18 10.46.27
    When I touched the case it felt like touching the sun. No good. Seems to be an overheating problem. Opening it up:
    2014-07-18 09.58.56

    Removing the heatsink reveals the thermal paste is pretty much messed up, so I cleaned it up, put on some new go. Still overheating.
    Removing the heatsink AGAIN reveals the heatsink sits on the CPU just fine (lower right). The GPU however (which is the one showing 101 degrees) is not even TOUCHING the heatsink (upper left):
    2014-07-18 10.49.00

    Apparently the GPU was getting way to hot. SO HOT it would loosen the soldering points and kind of "lowered itself" due to the pressure applied by the heatsink. So next step was putting on some thermal paste again, then putting some tinfoil on it, then thermal paste again:
    2014-07-18 11.42.30

    This way I got the temperature down to 95 degrees. Still not satisfying, but it's running at least....for now.
    The CPU temperature however (which was at 83 degrees) before the "fix" went down to 37 degrees. I guess I will have to find a better solution than just tinfoil since there are NO FRICKEN REPLACEMENT PARTS available for this machine.
    To be continued....

    Update 1: I got the GPU temperature down to 79 degrees by replacing the tinfoil (which wasn't exactly tinfoil but an aluminium sheet) with a sheet of copper. I doubt it is going to get any better since the heatsink itself seems to be the issue. It looks like the actual heatsink (the copper that looks through the aluminium) has moved up by like a mm. Might rip the whole thing apart and find me some case or other crazy thing to put it in and put a REAL heatsink on it....

    Update 2: Talked my dad into finding a block of copper in his workshop and he DID. You see the old heatsink in the lower part of the picture and the new solid copper piece (all polished and cleaned) in the upper part.
    2014-07-26 17.05.59
    Cleaned the CPU and the GPU from thermal paste and mounted the new heatsink:
    2014-07-26 17.12.202014-07-26 17.20.31

    Currently the max. CPU temperature is at about 26 degrees Celsius, without a fan mounted yet. The GPU is at about 56 degrees Celsius. That's another ~24 degrees less than before. Currently running some "burn in" tests to see how stable the temperatures are. I really don't want to mount a fan on that copper heatsink, but I might have to eventually.

  • WTF Moments

    From lame devs to lame players!

    So, recently we got invited to play on one of the Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) Emulator (EMU) servers.
    My brother and I loved this game and it was my first MMO ever so we decided to give it a shot.
    A server, run and edited by players who also love(d) this game. What could go wrong? Hah, here we go:

    Both of us having a jedi on the live servers back in the days and thinking about how much fun (winning or losing) fighting enemy jedi or bountyhunters we decided to go straight for jedi. It didn't seem as hard as it used to be, so why not? Prerequisites were: Finish either Rebel or Imperial themepark, Jabba's themepark and visit all the POI's listed in the character bio. We finished up all that within the first week after rolling toons. We could have done it within 2 days, but hey: gotta work AND sleep sometime in between. Grinding out full template took just another 4 days. Considering the grind on live servers this is ridiculously short. In between we used our bountyhunter alts to check the bh terminals to check for jedi to pop up. THIS is where we came across the first bunch of douches. I am not going to mention names here, but damn sure I noted all these sad sacks to make sure to never happen to play WITH them anytime, EVER.
    Both of us had several crafting alts and a couple different classes. That way we found out some of the exploits that existed on the live servers worked here as well. Such as overloading your force bar, overloading sabers with pearls, slicing sabers. Just...some are even WORSE than they used to be. Slicing a saber for example would raise the damage on it EVERY TIME you'd put a dmg crystal in. Resulting in dealing ridiculous amounts of damage, also against other players. So...back on track.

    WTF 1:
    Uncertain of how broken or not the classes actually are both of us pick the same mission, send out our droids and track down some jedi.
    Turns out the timer on the "avoid incap" is broken so the jedi can use this skill pretty much endlessly and never die.
    What can I say...both of us are stubborn dicks, so we keep fighting. Eventually his buffs will run out and/or he will miss a click on his skill (hopefully). He did not. Instead all of a sudden I got insta killed, short after this happens to Wiped. WTF?
    Scrolling through the combat log reveals it: During like 30 minutes of fighting the jedi is doing the same amount of damage: around 400 to 600 hitpoints, which is fine. Both of us are def stacked to the teeth and also have medic so we can heal ourselves a little. But then there are some weird hits for about 4 to 4.5k....Sliced lightsaber. WTF?
    We report this kinda crap to the GM's and the guy gets his jedi deleted. So far so good. Impressed by the GM actions we keep playing.

    WTF 2:
    Short time later we are finished with our templates and I decide to go to a cantina with a lot of NPC's, use some force sensitive skills inside and my name pops up on the bh terminal. Not long of a wait and a bh appears and attacks. After like 45 or so seconds into the fight he starts running and takes off to his house (which of course is locked to me) and logs off. WTF?

    WTF 3:
    Some german guy finds out while being a jedi one can use the skills of the Swordsman class and still gain full jedi xp AND maintain his force pool this way. Grinds forever (on mostly useless skills, but that's just a btw) until those skills are changed into consuming insane amounts of force, making using them pointless. Goes back to LEGIT grinding and still needs a week and a half to finish his template. WTF?

    WTF 4:
    Friend of the german guy is also a jedi and appears on the terminals. I decide to try him solo and find him in Coronet close to the starport.
    He recognizes (or assumes) my character is a bh, sees me heading his way, turns his speederbike around and takes off. I chase him quite a ways to....yeah....HIS HOUSE. Runs inside and sends me a tell: "I'm not coming out, sorry.". WTF?

    WTF 5:
    At Master Lightsaber jedi has the ability to block 85% of incoming ranged attacks. Someone finds out the intimidate skill completely negates this ability. Now, on this server the amount of overpowered weapons is pretty high. A bh comes up with my mission and attacks. He hits me with intimidate and kills me within 2 shots. only like 5 minutes later everyone and their mother changes their bountyhunter class into something-melee-bh just to have intimidate. Really? 5 minutes after it becomes public everyone resorts to the latest bug/exploit? WTF?
    EDIT: From reading through original patchnotes Intimidate apparently WAS intended to work like this. I never noticed this on the live servers, but honestly...not many bountyhunters went for ranged, about 95% of them were melee def stacks. This still remains a "WTF" since everyone and their mother respecs their character to "something-bh--brawler" just so they can have the intimidation skill and then PURELY RELY ON IT. If it fails and/or gets cured off they are left clueless and are like "wtf am I going to do now?" and just keep spamming it, making them an easy target for the jedi since they HAVE TO STAND STILL for a moment....and die.

    WTF 6:
    Bountyhunter comes up to my jedi with my mission and attacks:
    I am grouped with Wiped (who meanwhile changed template, because of the intimidate crap). BH intimidates me, Wiped heals it off, I hit the guy.
    He's like "WTF?" and tries again and again, but Wiped keeps chainhealing the intimidate off me. BH takes off into his house and logs out. WTF?
    You can't get your cheap tactics through and you take your ball and run home? WTF? THAT'S A DOUBLE WTF!

    WTF 8 (Yes, I am counting right):
    I am hungry and log off my toon to go grab some food. Of course while I am gone Wiped is having all the fun....
    Wiped's jedi is imperial and overt (attackable by players of the enemy faction) and 5 rebels show up and are like "Let's go lolpwn that guy."
    He kills 2 of them in less than a minute and keeps the other 3 busy for another 25 minutes until they decide to leave and start running.
    At least get some numbers and kill the enemy...WTF?

    WTF 9:
    ANOTHER OP weapon is introduced to the server. This time a lightsaber. Dropping from the very last mob inside a certain rebel AND a certain imperial base it requires you to be overt (attackable by enemy faction players) to even get inside. Basically what happens is this: If you are imperial you go to the rebel base, fight your way down, kill the mob and hope for it to drop. Rebels vice versa.
    Wiped and I group up and start clearing when we notice an enemy player coming in, being some weird mix of jedi and pikeman or some such.
    He throws all kinds of DoT's on us, but they are not killing us, when Wiped all of a sudden says:" WTF did all my force go?".
    Turns out this sad sack built his toon around the broken "Drain Force" skill which has no cooldown whatsoever. Basically you can just spam (or macro it) and drain a jedi's forcepool completely dry, making him defenseless. REALLY? How sad is that? You build your character around an exploit to be able to kill people? HAHAha!
    Anyways...noticing WHAT HE DID during the fight we come to the conclusion "Lame tactics demand for lame responses."!
    Me not being able to heal others (knowing me, you KNOW you don't want to rely on me as a healer anyways. I have HIGHEST respect for any decent player. I just can't do it.), Wiped trying to stay alive with the little force he is slowly regnerating I start spamming "Drain Force" on this guy, sucking him completely dry and....guess what? He starts running! We chase him out of the base to his house (a cantina), where he hides and tries to regen force himself. This way we find out this broken skill works THROUGH WALLS! I decide to stay there until a GM shows up, still spamming the skill to lock him down in his house. After almost an hour we decide to end this and leave. Meanwhile my jedi's forcepool (which is normally at 7100) is at 44k of force. Speaking of overloading your forcebar! Long short story: You build your toon around an exploit and when you can't win that way: run for them hills and hide your sorry ass. WTF?

    WTF 10 (and my favourite):
    ...and also back on the "GM" subject:
    Wiped and I are down at the bottom of the rebel base, waiting for thesaber-dropping mob to spawn, when we notice someone is inside the imperial base doing the same. Remembering you are ATTACKABLE by the enemy faction we decide to take the "Sartok Way": DENY CONTENT!!!
    So we abandon our plan and head over to the imperial base to flush them out and look who is there: some jedi and above mentioned jedi-pikeman-something! We kill both of them and decide to camp this spot until the boss in the other base spawns (disclaimer: We cannot kill the one in the imperial base because it is of the same faction as we are). Meanwhile we switch to alt toons in the nearby city to check bh terminals and see who's around and if he/she's a possible threat. We notice that jedi that was with Mr. jedi-pikeman-something is on the bountyhunter terminals and both of us pick his'll never know.
    Wiped sees the two guys we killed come out of the cloner (this is where you respawn after you died) and head for their cantina. But the interesting thing he notices is that a GM toon comes online and the two guys leave the cantina with changed factions: they are not rebels anymore, they are now imperials. WTF? Turns out Mr. jedi-pikeman-something actually IS A GM and decided "Hey, if I can't go get my uberleetlewts without PvP I just abuse my GM powers and switch faction and then go do it the easy way where these evil PvP'ers can't attack us!" WTF AGAIN!
    Fail plan though: The dev has changed the mobs protecting the bases a while ago, gave them more hitpoints and made them hit harder.
    As soon as Wiped an me notice them heading straight for the rebel base we are on the move. We pop all the defensive foods we have on us, run past them, gather a boatload of mobs and train them on them. They die, we live and kill all the mobs we trained, run down to the boss spawn, park our jedi at the boss spawn, knowing it will not spawn for a good while, switch to our bountyhunters, buff up and engage the jedi guy.
    At first he tries to fight back a bit, but we incapacitate him 2 times. Then takes off to regen, but comes back a little later to our surprise. We incap him a third time resultiung in his death. He clones and logs out. MR. GM-jedi-pikeman-something starts whining a bit, then logs out as well. Doesn't log on his GM toon anymore either. WTF?

    I can only speak for myself, but after 4 years of dealing with exploiters, cheaters and other lame-ass crap in Vanguard I was pretty much burnt out with all the garbage going on in MMO's. I was not - in no fricken way - willing to deal with this kinda stuff ever again.
    But thinking of all the stuff mentioned above....this is becoming fun again. I like it!
    Knowing I am not the best PvP'er under the sun I start to enjoy FINDING and EXPOSING some of these sad sacks that are worse players than I am and feel the need to rely on cheap tactics, exploits and cheats....AND STILL FAIL!

  • Developers

    Question: Are all the Game Developers out there just complete idiots?

    At least the ones in the big companies certainly are. I played a whole bunch of indie games lately and I gotta say: The guys who develop these games know what they are doing! Most of those indie games might not look all that great and playability is a bit clunky in some games, BUT:
    Most of them know how to make games that are FUN TO PLAY. On the other hand there are the ones who think it's a bright idea to program games just to piss people off.
    Games like Diablo III where you spawn into a bazillion mobs that oneshot you instantly or (even worse) summon, snare (or root) you and then keep hitting you for insane amounts of damage and some such.
    Real Racing (Android game): Amazing looking on the cell phone but making you start at position 22 in EVERY race. Even on tracks like Melbourne, just as wide so 2 cars barely can pass each other and then you got like 3 laps to win the race. Not to mention the ai racers are dumb as a load of bricks. Constantly driving in your way, break miles before a turn. Except when you just passed them, then all of a sudden they can race through turns at lightspeed. Did I mention there are some races you can only win with the best car in the particular class? Which of course also is the most expensive one and the one that needs a crapload of gold (premium currency which can be obtained by levelling or *drumroll* in their cash shop). Talking about pay to win, haha. Seriously WTF? What moron decides "this is fun" for players? You are not earning a SINGLE F*CKING DIME from me, that's for sure.
    The WarZ...L O L!
    DayZ: Fun game, MOD and they are working on a standalone version. one more question: With all the amazing mods of the mod out there...Why do they think I should buy the standalone? Because it looks better? WTF? The standalone won't have ANYTHING that makes me want to play it. From what I see there is only little difference between the original Chernarus map and the one used in the standalone, oh will have more clothing options. The mods are still better.
    And don't even get me going about the morons (and the chief of all dev morons Silius) who work(ed) on Vanguard.
    Please devs, get a clue. Make games that are actually FUN TO PLAY and play your own damn games once in a while and think twice if you consider this fun. If you don't know how to do it...Take a look at Arkham City, that one definately is a fun game.

  • ArcheAge

    This is definately the game we are heading to next.

    "Speaking of pirates, I know the community has expressed some concern with the pirate island. For those who don't know, there are currently five factions, one for each race and then the pirates, who are essentially disowned by the others. Currently, Trion is happy with the pirate faction. The idea is that the pirate faction allows you to play with any race you want and allows you to attack anyone you want."

    Note the last sentence? "...allows you to ATTACK ANYONE YOU WANT." A 5 faction PvE/PvP game with the 6th faction being able to attack anyone else.

    Read more about ArcheAge here and sign up for the beta here.

  • Game(r)s nowadays suck!

    Gamers nowadays seem to be looking for the quick reward only and I have a feeling they get exactly what they deserve: SHITTY GAMES. I've been buying and playing a lot of games lately and they are all just horrible. Either everything is just easy mode or they are released with a shitload of bugs that need like 15 patches to get them somewhat working.

    Far Cry 3:
    What a bunch of crap. I seriously don't understand all the hype about Far Cry 3 and it's engine. The game is horrible. The colouring of the scenery makes me feel like playing a comic.Literally everything you can possibly pick up or use is blinking and flashing in some way. Makes me love games like DayZ...although this one is buggy as hell but sometimes you can just stand on top of the loot and you don't see it.
    Making things hard to find or to come by is part of the fun...
    Plus the engine and its "micro stuttering" is incredibly annoying. And NO: it's NOT my computer.

    See Far Cry 3! Blinking, flashing all over the place *sigh*.

    Mars War Logs:
    Horrible controls and a dumbed down "RPGish" gameplay.

    Spec Ops - The Line:
    Run down hose like levels, shoot some dumb ai once in a while and pick up *drumroll* blinking and flashing weapons and ammo. Awesome...NOT!

    Hitman - Absolution/Sniper Challenge
    This one was actually fun to play. Great graphics and some neat ideas how to *ehem* get rid of people.
    One of the few games I actually played through a couple times. Very challenging at higher difficulty levels.

    War Thunder:
    For those who don't know this one. It's a free to play worldwar 2 "flight sim".
    It's actually fun to play besides its flaws. Just a few examples:
    You don't split bombers in half with just on bullet!
    You don't outclimb/out accelerate a P38 in a Hurricane or a doubledecker neither do you do the same to a FW 190, no matter which revision of the mentioned planes you are flying. The devs should go get a clue from Oleg who made IL2 Sturmovik.

    And the list goes on and on. Where did all the old school games go? You where you had to FIGHT and SEARCH for your loot. Where you had to solve riddles to finish a quest.
    The only really good games that made you kinda "relearn" HOW TO FUCKIN PLAY were DayZ and Dark Souls and sadly the Dark Souls PC version has awful controls.

    I miss the good old days of playing Pre-CU SWG, grinding my Jedi and losing a days worth of xp when a bountyhunter manages to find and kill you (that happened only 3 times though out of 60+ attempts). I miss the days of battling Einherjar or Second Council in Vanguard. When's the next game going to come out bringing back the fun of playing together with Loam, Wiped, Reprobate, Hagge, Spearhawk, Fleshy, Amrael and all them other guys?

  • Merry Christmas!

    Usually I do not celebrate Christmas at all. But this year, this year is different....

    It all started in September, the 24th to be precise. My paycheck for August was supposed to come in at September 20th. It didn't. Since a couple workmates called me up over the weekend telling me they didn't get their money either we all decided to not show up for work on Monday, 24th. The following Sunday I had mail from my boss in my mailbox telling me I was laid off by Oktober 31st. Nice move as this tied me to the company for another month without any money. I called up my lawyer and we sued his ass, went to the "unemployment agency", filled out a ton of paperwork, etc. Meanwhile the boss of the company I worked before called me up and offered me a job, which I took. Long short story: 4 months without a dime, using up all my savings, borrowing money to live from my best friend, basically living from water and dry bread I eventually made it out of this mess by December. Having paid back all the borrowed money and the 4 months missing rent for the place I live in. TWO DAYS after paying off the last debt I receive mail from the "unemployment agency" that they are stepping up and paying me the money my ex-boss was supposed to pay me. Another day later the money is already on my bank account.
    So I decided to buy me a nice christmas gift this year:
    Der Neue Kopie
    Intel I7-3770 @3.4GHz
    Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 60GB SSD (OS)
    Intel SSD 330 Series 240GB SSD (Games)
    Seagate 500GB Harddrive (what was that for again?)
    ASUS Sabertooth Z77 Mainboard
    EVGA Geforce GTX 660TI 2GB DDR5 RAM Video Card
    Razer Naga Molten Edition Gaming Mouse
    920Watt PSU Unit
    Antech 25 Case

    Switch Kopie
    Netgear GS108 Prostate 8-Port Gigabit Network Switch

    NAS Kopie
    And last but not least a dirt cheap NAS server with 1TB of space for all the crap that usually fills up the harddrives.

    So yeah: Merry Christmas Nenah, you DESERVED THIS!

  • CHRIS fucking ROBERTS!

    I couldn't believe when my brother told me about Chris Roberts working on a new game.
    Immideately I browsed to his site, watched the video...and I was sold.
    His first game (Wing Commander) was the reason I bought my very first PC. A amazingly fast 80286, running at 12 MHz with 1MB of RAM with a HUGE Harddrive that had 40 MB of space.
    I even travelled quite a ways to buy a Soundblaster 1.0 for the retarded amount of 500,-DM (Deutschmarks). Computer shops were not that common in Germany back in those days.
    Wing Commander ran like crap on this machine but I loved every single minute of it.
    Wing Commander II was the reason I started "upgrading" this machine. The motherboard I bought
    of course wouldn't fit into the case my computer came with, so I ended building up a whole new machine.
    The same happened with WCIII and WCIV, Privateer and Freelancer. It's all HIS fault.
    It all started with him and his game.

    So yeah, watching the video, listening to a couple interviews with him, reading through his site.
    In my book Chris Roberts is one of these guys with a "vision". Like Richard Garriot, Brad McQuaid, David Braben, etc. Whatever Wing Commander kinda game Star Citizen is going to be.

  • In Concert

    I was actually going to write something about Vile Rat this time. But instead of writing something down that is very likely to get me murdered by some religious dumbfuck sometime later
    I am coming up with this:
    While at work last night there was some report about P!nk giving two small and unique concerts in europe.
    One of which took place in germany in a circus tent (Circus Krone) in bavaria.
    After the usual blahblah the dj played her latest hit "Blow Me.." and the unplugged version of an earlier
    song "Who Knew". Although I usually look up live videos of certain artists and I already knew she is
    incredibly good on stage all I can say is I was extremely impressed.
    I guess the only good thing of people illegally downloading songs in mp3 format from teh interwebz instead of
    buying the actual discs is the fact that artists are pretty much forced to perform live a lot.
    Anyways.I hit 45 years of age early this week and while listening to those songs on the radio I realized
    how few concerts I had actually visited. NONE! Not because I didn't have the money, I guess it was just because
    I did not care enough about it. This is going to change!
    By the end of next year I want to have seen one or more of the artists listed below IN CONCERT!

    Linkin Park
    Over the past year and a half they had at least 5 hits placed in the german charts. I like the mix
    of rap, rock and especially Chester Bennington's voice.

    Die Toten Hosen
    Not really much to say about the Hosen. Wanna see!

    Awesome live performance, great voice. Everything else has been said above.

    Katy Perry
    I am not kidding. I think she has an incredible voice but can she keep that voice up on stage as well?

    New old band so to speak. After their lead singer Rea Garvey leaving the remaining members of the
    very successfull band Reamonn hired Thom Hanreich (Vivid) and formed Stereolove.
    Immideately after forming and releasing their first album (Stereo Loves You) they scored two high
    chart entries in germany ("What If" and "This Is It").

  • SOE Cash Shop

    While being mentored in Vanguard last night I noticed a couple tank items I had on my toon had the option (unbindable). Since they were pretty decent I decided "Hey, why not buy some SC and move them to the tank alt?". With the double deal weekend I thought 1000 (which then should be 2000) would be a good deal.


    First of all users of german keyboards can for some turded reason not type in the "@" sign.
    After about 15 minutes of trying to type in my paypal information (which requires an email adress) I eventually
    gave up. Even copy/paste from notepad would not work. No way to put in the "@".
    BTW: Insert, Delete and several other keys are not working either in the pos ingame browser.

    So I decide the best option would be to buy it via the SMS/cellphone option.
    This worked perfectly, EXCEPT you don't get the double deal when you do that. I found that out the hard way, hah.

    Anyways. Now I got screwed over for a 1000 SC but I have the unbind potions I was looking for...SITTING IN MY CLAIM WINDOW.
    And no way to get them from there. Reinstalling the default UI, trying to claim again removes them from the claim window
    but does not move them to my inventory. After closing the claim window and reopening it it will be in the claim again.

    Which is not a bad thing, since after unmentoring and going back to my original level the items I wanted to unbind them with
    are NO LONGER FLAGGED unbindable. What gives?

    Enjoy the 10Euro you ripped off of me. It's the last money you'll see from me.

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